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David Tsukiyama

Who am I?

I am a graduate student at the University of California, San Diego studying economics and econometrics. However my interests have shifted towards data mining and predictive analytics. This site is devoted to others who are making the transition from traditional statistical analysis to find causality to using languages such as Python and R, NoSQL databases such as MongoDB, and interactive visualizations such as D3 to tease out the relationships in unstructured data.


Traditional econometrics

The use of statistical analysis and econometric techniques to find causality

Data Mining

import seaborn
import numpy as np
from collections import Counter
import matplotlib.pyplot as plt

users=Counter(b['review/profileName'] for b in data)
values = [count for item, count in users.most_common()[:30]]
labels = [item for item, count in users.most_common()[:30]]
labels = [removeNonAscii(b) for b in labels]

indexes = np.arange(len(labels))
width = 1, values, width, color='crimson', alpha=0.6)
plt.xticks(indexes + width * 0.5, labels, rotation=90)
plt.title("Top 30 Users",fontsize=16)


data citation: Image-based recommendations on styles and substitutes J. McAuley, C. Targett, J. Shi, A. van den Hengel SIGIR, 2015

Data Visualization

Example: Geospatial Analysis


Machine Learning

Example: Latent Dirichlet Allocation

Interactive Visualization

Example: A Simple D3 Chart

D3 Javascript

Data Mining: Unstructured Data

The use of APIs and scraping -- Python

from lxml import html
import requests
page = requests.get('')
tree = html.fromstring(page.text)
categories = tree.xpath('//a[@dir="ltr"]/text()')

 'american society',
 'credit crisis',
 'higher education',
 'human capital',

Example: The New York Times API


response = urllib.urlopen(bucket).read()
response_dictionary = json.loads(response)

def parse(mail):

    brooks = []
    for b in mail:
        dic = {}
        dic['comment'] = b['commentBody']
        dic['date'] = b['createDate']
        dic['comment_type'] = b['commentType']
        dic['editorsSelection'] =b['editorsSelection']
        dic['email'] = b['email']
        dic['recommend'] = b['recommendationCount']
        dic['replies'] = b['replies']
        dic['name'] = b['userDisplayName']
        dic['location'] = b['userLocation']
        dic['login'] = b['login']

    return brooks`


{'comment': u'The lament of the hollow man who sees but does not understand.',
 'comment_type': u'comment',
 'date': u'1428853503',
 'editorsSelection': 0,
 'email': u'',
 'location': u'Maine',
 'login': None,
 'name': u'Eileen Wilkinson',
 'recommend': 4,
 'replies': []}