Part Two: JSEPA Summary

Factor Description Note
Tariff Eliminated tariffs on goods covering 98.5% of trade Higher than WTO zero-tariff commitments (65%)
Tariff Japan doubled its zero-tariff commitments to Singapore: 34% to 77%
Non-tariff barrier Streamline customs clearance Paperless trading
Mutual Recognition "ensure the mutual recognition of test results and certification by accredited conformity assessment bodies in either countries"
Services Facilitation Measures: Trade and investment flows
Tourism Joint Committee on Tourism
Information, Communication Technology (ICT) E.g., telecommunications and e-Commerce

Part Two: Data Visulaization

Part Two: Data Summary

Variable Name Variable Type Description Units
lvalue Dependent Dollar Value of Trade Between Trade Partners Log Trade Value in Nominal Terms
lyy Independent GDP Product Log GDP Product
ldistance Independent Distance Between Bilateral Trading Partners Log Bilateral Distance
Contiguous Independent, Dummy Whether Trading Partners are Land Contiguous Binary
comlang_off Independent, dummy Whether Trading Partners Share an Official Language Binary
colony Independent, dummy Whether Trading Partners Were Ever in a Colonial Realtionship Binary
gatt_both Independent, dummy Whether Trading Partners Are Both in the GATT Binary
Year Independent, dummy control Time Controls Binary
Importer Independent, dummy control Importer Country Controls Binary
Exporter Independent, dummy control Exporter Country Controls Binary

The Agreement between Japan and the Republic of Singapore for a New-Age Economic Partnership Agreement (JSEPA)